Have you been appointed an executor or administrator of an estate?
You’re probably feeling the weight and enormity of that responsibility. It’s a big job.

Saying “yes” often comes with a vast array of questions or concerns, which is not unusual. Knowing who to turn to for the right answers and guidance can make the job easier and protect you from legal and financial risks. Which is why it’s so important to find a trusted source who can help you fulfill your responsibilities and avoid liability for mistakes.

We limit our scope of work to serve you better

We understand the weight of the responsibility that comes with being an executor or administrator of an estate. For most, it can be like entering into the great unknown. Without the right advisor to provide timely information, options and resources, getting off track could be costly. By devoting our time and attention specifically to this area of the law, we know we can serve you better. We have decades of experience and know exactly how to help you avoid the common traps and pitfalls of administering an estate.

We’re equipped to help you through disputes.
You can trust us for competence and clarity.

Our goal is to always avoid the court process, but sometimes it’s inevitable if all alternatives have been exhausted and the opposing party is being unreasonable. No one wants to go to court. It can be scary, intimidating and extremely uncertain. Knowing how stressful it can be, we ensure we advocate for our clients with compassion, patience and understanding. And will always pursue the quickest avenues to resolution.

Areas of dispute in estates can include:

  • Choice of administrator
  • The capacity of the deceased person’s will.
  • Pre-death transactions in suspicious circumstances
  • Formal passing of accounts
  • Advice and direction applications
  • Defending applications by beneficiaries
  • Being an executor and administrator of an estate is an important job that can quickly become overwhelming.

Be sure to get the right advisor to help you through it. We'd love to guide you through whatever part of the process you are trying to get through right now.

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